Enjoy our beautiful sunny days by taking a spin on our pedal-assisted electric bikes and scooters to visit your favorite neighborhood restaurant, run an errand, or just for the fun of it. McCarthy Cook & Co. proudly presents the MET Ride Share Program!

Here’s How

  1. Download the Lattis app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Lattis
  3. Register the app using your company email address (i.e. one that contains your your company's domain name).
  4. If your email address is recognized your user account will be automatically linked to the Met's private Lattis network. (No need to manually add a private fleet.) You can verify this by selecting Profile & Settings from the Lattis app's "burger" menu (=) located in the upper left hand corner of the app and then scroll down to the Private Networks section and confirm that The Met - Bike network is visible. (If you don't see it, and you're confident you correctly entered your work email, then contact us at 949-427-5200 for assistance.)
  5. You are all set! If you're near the MET campus you'll be presented with a map showing the location and availability of all bikes and scooters. You can search for a ride by clicking the pickup location, or by scanning the QR code on the bike or scooter. Click the Reserve button to reserve your ride, and tap Begin Trip (when you are in proximity of the lock) to connect.
  6. Click the Lock and Unlock icon on the app anytime you need to lock and unlock the Ellipse lock. When you are ready to end your ride, make sure that Ellipse is in a locked position. Happy riding!

Need a helmet? Visit the property management office at 575 Anton Blvd #350 to borrow one for your ride!